Winter 2012

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Selection, Security & Service

SportsCarLocate specializes in the custom location & importation of the very best Sports & Exotic Cars from across North America.  One client at a time we are truly revolutionizing the way intelligent enthusiasts buy their cars.

We are Canadians, based in Oakville, ON, Canada, but we serve clients throughout North America.

If you are currently seeking a excellent example of your chosen Marque and want access to the world's largest marketplace without the traditional risk of doing it all on your own, our custom location & importation services provide real value and professional guidance at an all in price point, that is always far below any comparable local market car.

A selection of Fresh Locates can be viewed by clicking the Dan's Picks, PorscheHunter or Selezione Italia links on the right side of this page. The Sports & Exotics shown are just a very small example of the selection we can source for you.

We do not stock vehicles for sale and each vehicles is custom sourced individually to meet our clients' unique requirements. Please call or email us with your Dream Car's specifications and we will work with you to find what it is you really want, for less!

Call now to discuss your needs.

Ph: 416-840-5414 or

Toll Free: 1-866-513-3337

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Dreaming is easy but now that you are ready to buy, you have to dig deep and ask yourself some tough questions.  Do you really have the time and expertise to find your next love all on your own?

Can you find what your looking for locally at the right price - not just any car, but a true previously cherished sports or exotic car in the right condition? 

If you have been looking for a while you'll know, as we do, that locating the 'right car' on your own is never easy and the time and money you invest in your search can be substantial! 

Buy Smart

When you are serious and ready to stop wasting your valuable time 'Looking For' but never finding the right car, the Pro's at SportsCarLocate are available to make buying  your dream car quick, simple. Reduce the risk by working with a pro.

We do the legwork and all of the heavy lifting of locating and inspecting vehicles before you purchase your vehicle directly from the seller. Then arrange to ship your dream car right to your driveway - all at a delivered price that is always far less than buying a comparable locally available car.

Note: SportsCarLocate is not a vehicle dealer and we do not broker, buy, sell or trade in vehicles at any time. We are instead professional vehicle locators who work with private clients to custom source their desired car, in the right condition, at the best available price. Our selection standards are very high and we only source 1st Quality cars, in prime condition, from reputable sellers.

Locate Request

All vehicles listed on this web site are offered for sale by their owners and all agreements to purchase are solely between the buyer and the seller.

Dan visiting the Ferrari Museum in Modena Italy

Canadian Buyers

The Canadian Dollar is once again trading near parity and when combined with the effects of the current economic uncertainty, our Canadian clients continue to have access to some of the best car values ever experienced. Don't procrastinate as early 2012 may be your best time to buy!

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