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Buying a U.S. Car

SportsCarLocate is focused on finding our clients, both Canadian or American, the very best deals on the finest quality, previously cherished sports, muscle & exotic cars from across North America. We can help you locate and acquire the car of your dreams whether it be in Canada or the U.S.A.

Although many U.S. located cars still offer significant value when compared to a comparable car located in Canada certainly not every U.S. car is a great deal for Canadian buyers, but if it's the right car, at the right price then a U.S. car can often prove to be a great purchase. As a client you are in the driver's seat, you choose where your car is sourced and we will work with you to ensure you get the best of your chosen marque, at the right price, whether the car is sourced for you in Canada or the U.S.A.

There is no need to be concerned about purchasing a U.S. located car as SportsCarLocate is here to help. We make the whole process of locating, inspecting, buying, shipping and importing your selected car safe and relatively simple, while often saving you: a significant quantity of money, time, frustration and worry. When you source your car through SportsCarLocate you are working with Pro's that are on your side throughout the process guiding you through the marketplace and past the sometimes daunting maze of importation regulations & documentation.   And our Location & Support Fees are so low that it just doesn't make sense to go it alone.

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Why Canadians Are Still Buying U.S. Cars

Value: Our Canadian Dollar is currently  (May 2013) valued at approximately 0.99.75 cents U.S. as compared to it's all time low of 0.61 cents in 2002. For Canadians this makes a car purchased in the U.S. today 25-30 % cheaper  than it would have been, had you purchased it just a few years ago. Even with Canada's current high dollar value many new cars average 10 - 20% less in the U.S. than a comparable Canadian Model. This lower initial price results in significantly lower pre-owned U.S. car prices. The faltering U.S. economy has also played and role in pushing the price of pre-owned vehicles down making many U.S. based cars great deals for Canadians.

Selection: The U.S. marketplace is well over 10 times the size of the Canadian market. The selection of available late model, contemporary or vintage cars is huge in comparison to the very limited Canadian market. As a result the huge volume of trades in the U.S. it makes their market ultra competitive when compared to the much smaller Canadian marketplace. More competition means better pricing.

Quality: Many of the cars we offer are sourced from southern U.S. states that have major climatic advantages over the average Canadian climate. A warm, dry climate can significant extend the life of a car and it's many metal and electrical based components. This is of particular concern for buyers of early contemporary and vintage vehicles. We focus on finding the best available - maintained, garage kept cars, without climatic damage.

Ease of Importation: The NAFTA Treaty dramatically changed the rules on what vehicles could be privately imported into Canada from the U.S.  Prior to NAFTA a Canadian citizen was generally unable to import vehicles less than 15 years old into the country, but now many vehicles old or new can be easily imported from the U.S.  As a  SportsCarLocate Client we manage the whole process for you - with your car delivered to your door.

Inspection Services: We do not recommend that you purchase any car from anyone sight unseen. As many cars are out of range for you to personally inspect it, we have access to very cost efficient, independent, professional inspection services that will travel to the car's location, complete a detailed inspection, test drive the car and provide you a full written report with their findings. (Inspections are key - We never recommend that you buy a car - sight unseen)

Remember SportsCarLocate will help guide you every step of the way throughout the process of buying the car of your dreams in Canada or the U.S. safely & securely.

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