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Dan's Picks!

Direct from the seller to your driveway! 

SportsCarLocate's focus has always been on custom vehicle location services, but we often come across some great buying opportunities that just don't meet our current clients' requirements - these cars we offer as 'Dan's Picks.

Our Dan's Picks provide casual buyers fast access to some fabulous opportunities on really nice Sports & Exotics. This personally curated selection of available cars is sourced from the 1000's of Sports & Exotics that come fresh into the open market each week from all across North America. Getting added to this list is not easy, as cars must first catch our discerning eye, successfully pass our initial review and offer what we sense to be excellent overall market value. 




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Hello and welcome...

My name is Dan Conlon and I am the CLO of SportsCarLocate. Since our start up back in 2009 I have dedicated my energy to sourcing our clients the best purchase opportunities available on ownership worthy sports & exotics.

If this is your first visit to the site you'll certainly want to learn more about just who we are, what we do and of course you will want to understand just how our unique business model can be of benefit to you in your hunt for your right Sports or Exotic car. I ask that you take a moment to: learn about us.


Fabulous Fall is now in full swing and we are quickly headed into a cold and blustery winter... Fall often provides the market with some great stock, priced right. s this finally your time to get serious about your car dreams? This is our 9th season of operation and we can't wait to see what fresh treasure will come available through the next few months of 2017. Historically some of the best buying opportunities come to the market this time of year! Looking... don't forget that we are in the market each and every day, so if you are on the hunt please don't hesitate to call or email if you have a questions or want our assistance in finding you your 'right' car.

Although you may find that many of our current picks are Porsche cars we also custom source other sports & exotics - modern era or classic, virtually whatever our clients desire. So if a Porsche isn't your thing please don't hesitate to call and discuss your desired make/model we would be please to help to source the right car.

Important Note: SportsCarLocate is not here to sell you a car. We are vehicle locators 'not a vehicle dealer' and we do not broker, buy, sell or trade in vehicles at any time. Our clients make their own independent vehicle buying decisions without pressure or inducements from us as we have zero financial interest in any car we source. All vehicles listed on this web site are offered for sale by their owners and all agreements to purchase are solely between the buyer and the seller.




Fresh Find: 17.12.11 - Winter Buy... As the winter season starts to take hold sellers not wanting to hold off until spring have to get a little more aggressive on their pricing - if it has got to leave the fleet then you had better price it right!

Nice example of that winter mentality is today's find.

1973 MGB GT - the last of the Chrome Bumper MGBs!

Well used but still what appears to be an impressive example overall finished in its original Bronze Yellow on Black Interior. The car has been refreshed cosmetically over the years and although not perfect, it presents impressively given its age... far better than most you'll find at this price point.

The interior shows the patina you would expect of a Brit car from this era, but overall looks quite good and it remains serviceable throughout.

Looks like a great start to an MGB love affair at it's recently reduced price of $8450. USD







Fresh Find: 17.12.11 - Hurry because this will not last!

Yes I know there may be lots of these S2000s floating around the marketplace, but few will match the opportunity presented here.

Pristine History, One Owner from New, Documented Honda Dealer Serviced since new and a southern car to boot.

Pristine example with none of the usual wear and tear you find on most of these AP1 cars. No modifications from stock, garage kept and clearly loved... this is not the norm for a S2000 from this era as most have been abused by youthful owners, driven hard and put away wet!

2001 Honda S2000 - 92k well respected miles from new.

The car is on offer from the authorized Honda dealer that sold the car to it's original owner and they have serviced it ever since. Freshly inspected and ready to be enjoyed by the next lucky owner.

The S2000 offers real world performance that is tough to match and little at this price point can compare to what you get for your money with this example.

A steal for the knowledgeable enthusiast at $13,987. USD






Fresh Find: 17.12.11 - I know that you may have difficulty in understanding my excitement with this find as if you are not TVR guy from back in the day these cars may hold little interest, but for me the cars from this petite British manufacturer has always been of interest.

These cars with there fiberglass bodies on a tube frame chassis with independent suspension front and rear have always been quick, unique and fun. I wanted one then and I want one now!

This is a rather rare find in North America as although there were quite a few of the convertible version of this wedge model were brought to American by the distributor, very few of the Coupes made it to our shores.

1985 TVR 280i Coupe - 2.8L V6 with Bosch Fuel Injection backed by a 4 Speed Manual Transmission. 145hp was delivered to the rear wheels via a Jag sourced differential.

Lovely original, piece that has only 13,400 miles recorded on the odometer (believed to be actual mileage). Near zero evidence of the usual wear and tear and freshened mechanically after years of little usage.

If like me you missed out on owning one of these very special, low production Brit cars this is your chance to grab a super nice example.  Offered at $17,000. USD




Fresh Find: 17.11.29 - Driver Quality, Higher Mileage, California 964, priced to sell!

As the private seller says.. if you are looking for the perfect Porsche look elsewhere, but if you want a car that you can actually drive and enjoy this may just be the one.

1992 Porsche Carrera '2' Cabriolet (rear seat delete package) - desirable 964 model year as Porsche had corrected it's major engine issue by this time.

Garage Kept - Grand Prix White on Grey Leather - 160k actual miles, but of course being a dry climate car the cosmetic wear and tear is not like you would see in a Northern car.

Blessed with the 3.6L Air Cooled H6  with 5 Speed Manual with RWD - so power and performance is impressive.

A worthy starting point for the air cooled enthusiast looking to get into the market for the first time.

Offered at $29,000. USD




Fresh Find: 17.11.29 - It has become extremely difficult to source worthy Air Cooled 911s that still represent good value for the budget limited, but today we have one that we suspect may prove worth a serious chase.

Virtually original with one recent professional repaint in it's original Grand Prix White. A southern car from new (Florida/Arkansas) and just 89k original miles.

1980 Porsche 911 SC Coupe - GP White on Black Leather. Strong runner with no known major issues. 

A fabulous find at this price point $26,000. USD is the private seller's ask so hurry and make that call!




2001 Porsche 911 Carrera


Fresh Find: 17.11.22 - All Weather Daily Driver Capable 911.

One very nicely maintained southern 996 in a gorgeous colour combo.. not something you see everyday.

2001 Porsche Carrera '4' - 295hp H6 with Tiptronic (auto/manual) & AWD. Highly optioned Porsche with Full Leather, Xenon Lights etc. and nicely upgraded with a modern era Navi/Stereo and Turbo Twist Rims.

89k original miles, but it shows like half that mileage - pristine history car with strong evidence of solid servicing throughout its life.

A lovely, unique 996/911 Coupe for $16,950. USD



2001 Porsche 911 Carrera

2001 Porsche 911 Carrera



Fresh Find: 17.11.21 - So rare in North America that I doubt you'll find another that compares to this little Italian Stallion. Since it's origins in 1906 Lancia has been producing their own unique breed of automobiles and this beauty carries on the company's long tradition.

1979 Lancia Zagato - (Beta with a Targa Roof) - but this is no normal U.S. Spec Lancia as it's past owner sourced a complete VX (Volumex) Engine & Full Drivetrain + Ancillary Parts and Badges from Europe, out of a Euro Spec Version - this rare and unique engine came from the factory with a Roots Type Supercharger offering 135hp, which was a major bump up in power when compared against the rather anemic, U.S. Spec'd cars.

The base car was purchased from it's original California owner - a dry climate, never rusted example that has never seen snow or salt. One very impressive repaint in it's original colours from new!

The conversions to VX power were completed in 1993 and the car has been sparingly used ever since, garage stored.

Unique and impressive from end to end - an in era resto mod that would prove near impossible to replicate today.

Simply a fabulous Italian Sports Car at $13,900. USD

Call today!



1983 Porsche 911


Fresh Find: 17.11.20 - A hard to match value proposition on this unique and gorgeous Porsche.

There are just not that many documented One Owner cars out there with a vehicle at 34 years of age and fewer still that have 50k original miles and look like this!

1983 Porsche SC Targa - 3.0L H6 with 5 Speed 915 Manual Transmission. This is a ROW (ZZZ) car purchased by the original owner in Germany and delivered to the U.S. hence it is the more powerful Euro version of the 3.0L engine, which offers significantly more power than the U.S. Spec cars.

The car has recently been extracted from storage and just had a new clutch, flywheel, pressure plate and release bearing along with brake service, and new tires on all four corners. The car had a leakdown, compression was also reviewed with strong results.

Better yet it has just come back from the paint shop where a full windows out repaint in it's original colour was completed along with the installation of fresh body seals throughout. Interior is original and mint and the Glass is good throughout the car. This is and was a corrosion free example!

Is the car without fault... no there remain a few minor items yet to be attended too, but this is as fresh a 911 SC as you are likely to find in the market today at anything approaching the very sensible asking price of $38,500. USD.

Call today!


1983 Porsche 911


1983 Porsche 911



Fresh Find: 17.11.20 - Oh so rare... a G50 911 Cab in stunning White on Red Leather.

A southern car from new and clearly a well treated piece that is unusually pristine showing minimal wear thorughout.

1988 Porsche 911 Cabriolet - 3.2L H6 with 5 Speed Manual (G50) Transmission. Grand Prix White on Red Leather with matching carpets. Fresh Cloth Top too!

A low 58k southern miles from new, but the car looks cleaner than even this low mileage would suggest... some cars just get more love than others and this is one of those cars.

Stand out from the 911 crowd and drive what you love... all eyes will be one you in this beautifully crafted piece.

Sure it is not for everyone, but as priced at $42,958. it looks like value!





Fresh Find: 17.11.19 - PROVENANCE is what separates the good cars from the great... and this one has provenance in spades.

1967 Austin Healey 3000 MkIII - Purchased brand new by the scion of a prominent family who has retained ownership of this stunning Healey for some 50 years! This is one rare opportunity as there are simply very few examples of this final year Big Healey that look and drive like this piece and virtually none that are available that have been coddled like this one.

These end of era Healeys remain fabulous classic sports cars that, unlike many British classic, have the power to keep up with today's traffic.

Stunning in it's traditional British Racing Green on Black Leather with just one professional repaint since new.

55k original miles and surprisingly special everywhere you look. 

Yes there are lots of other Healeys you could buy, but few match will ever offer the opportunity offered by this find. Yours for $59,900. USD




1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 4


Fresh Find: 17.11.19 - Entry Level Porsche 911 priced right!

You'll have no problem at all finding a 996 Porsche for sale, they are not rare as production levels were high and the buy in from the N.A. was massive through the 996 years. There were many reasons why Porsche sold so many of these cars among them a strong economy and the fact that these were very good sports cars, highly regarded by the pundits of day.

Now near two decades after the introduction of the 996 in 1999 it has become the bargain buy of the Porsche marketplace - yes the model over the years has received a few black eyes due to a couple of well known design flaws, but all said it remains a very impressive 911 with strong on road performance and good overall reliability.

We have sourced this fresh find out of one of our favorite markets... dry, car friendly California and a nice find it is. 1999 Porsche Carrera '4' Coupe - 300hp H6 with 6 Speed Manual & AWD. A dry climate car for most of its life and for a car that is now 18 years of age, that dry climate is a very good thing - as it remains corrosion free with little of the wear and tear you would normally find on a 911 at this age and mileage.

Mileage is currently pegged at 92k on the odometer, a few more miles than some 996s, but importantly it has a well documented pristine CarFax History that shows that this car has been religiously serviced at local Porsche Dealers for most of it's long life.

Looking for that first Porsche, or seeking a daily driver capable 911... this 996 fills the bill and as priced at $13,500. USD you're unlikely to find a 911 of any vintage that compares to this for less.


1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 4


1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 4



Fresh Find: 17.11.17 - A BMW Shark - something we would all want in our garage!

Rare find in N.A. a Euro Spec example with those beautiful slimline bumpers, just the way the car's designer intended...  not the massive extended rubber bumpers found on the N.A. certified examples.

1984 BMW 635csi - Euro Version with the 216hp inline six (opposed to the 176hp U.S. models) and an all too rarely found 5 speed manual transmission. This is a well documented and maintained car that looks to have been imported into the U.S. when new. A no rust piece that has been stored indoors throughout it's long life and it has a clean CarFax that documents it's history and mileage too!

We sense that you would be hard pressed to find a comparable, classic 635 for less than the $19,900. USD ask for this unique and beautiful example.




2003 Porsche 911 Turbo


Fresh Find: 17.11.17 - Opportunity knocks and you had better answer the door quick if you want a chance at this aggressively offered 996 Turbo.

The 996 Turbos 2001-2005 are consider by many enthusiast as the very best of the breed, from this era, as they are truly amazing performers while at the same time they have a reputation for rock solid reliability.

This model had been in strong demand for years now, and it is getting harder each year to find a worthy example that remains sensibly priced... today we have one, but trust us it won't last long.

2003 Porsche Turbo Coupe - 415hp Twin Turbo with the 5 Speed Tiptroinic (Auto/Manual) transmission and of course AWD. This car has a pristine history and has lived out it's life in the south... and yes that does make a difference!

91k original miles, but clearly a well respected car and the available images would indicate that it shows like a car with half this mileage. Highly optioned example with Ruffled leather seating and a Carbon Fiber Trim package.

Looks like pure value with an ask of $32,900. USD - it simply will not last, so call now!


2003 Porsche 911 Turbo

2003 Porsche 911 Turbo


1985 Porsche 928  - Salem OR


Fresh Find: 17.11.16 - West Coast original - and just Two Owners from New!

1985 Porsche 928S - 1985 was a turn around year for the 928 in N.A. as it was the first year for the far more potent 5.0L 4Cam 32 Valve Engine which at the time upped the power to 288hp.

The nicely documented example comes with all books along with a full set of 928 Service Manuals

Original find in Guards Red on Black Leather with Chromed D90 rims - this is the 4 speed Automatic Version which was preferred by many buyers at the time given that the 5 Speed Manual could be a bit cantankerous in this era of the 928.

106k documented miles from new and although a very well preserved example it is more nice driver quality that show car. That said try and match anything that compares in today's aggressively, appreciating market for less.

We need to dig deeper but everything we see points in the right direction on this car.

Hard to find an ownership worthy 32V - 928 anymore at $10,995. USD


1985 Porsche 928  - Salem OR


1985 Porsche 928  - Salem OR


1966 Ford Mustang No trim field 2 Door 2 Plus 2 Fastback for sale


Fresh Find: 17.11.16 - California Dreaming... and loving every moment of it!

Well documented virtually original spec Mustang Fastback in the hands of it's current owner for the past 22 Years.

A dry climate California find that has spent its life loved and cared for by a total of Three Owners since new. One repaint in its original Springtime Yellow and it still shows amazingly well. As it should as it has lived covered in the owner's garage for the past two decades when not being enjoyed.

1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback in its fabulous factory original colour combo of Springtime Yellow on Parchment with Black Carpets.

Numbers matching 289 V8 with 3 Speed Manual. Some minor after market enhancements such as the replica rims, but nothing that takes away from the beauty of this unusually fine survivor.

Yes there were thousands upon thousands of these cars manufactured by Ford, but so few remain in this kind of virtual original condition, nor show anything like this - down at this aggressive price point.

106k original miles reported and these miles are believed to be original. 

An true investment in your personal happiness at $33,990. USD - recent reduction!


1966 Ford Mustang No trim field 2 Door 2 Plus 2 Fastback for sale


1966 Ford Mustang No trim field 2 Door 2 Plus 2 Fastback for sale



Fresh Find: 17.11.16 - Everybody seems to want a 964 Coupe and hence they are getting so hard to find in the right condition at the right price, but today we have one!

1991 Porsche Carrera '2' Coupe - Dry climate find with just 97,000 original miles on the clock and unlike so many of these now ageing Porsches this one has been shown lots of love and has the documents to back up the story.

Over $19K spent on care since 2010 including a documented engine rebuild in 2013 which now has 18k miles on it. The car runs strong and is in need of nothing.

Cosmetically it displays the love it has been shown by caring owner over the years with minimal evidence of the usual wear and tear.

Powered by it's original, refreshed 3.6L air cooled offering 247hp and connected to the four speed Tiptronic Auto/Manual driving the rear wheels - a far better drive than it is given credit for. Yes I know you wanted the Manual Transmission, but are prepared to pay the freight for a comparable 5 Speed in this market?

A beauty of a Porsche for $44,900. USD





Fresh Find: 17.11.15 - It sounds like it may be a package...

1981 Porsche 911SC Coupe - 133,000 original miles strong engine with leak downs showing 2% - 3% across all cylinders.

Recent work includes: It is not too rare to find a 928s sitting all alone and left for dead in a garage, but what is rare and attractive here is the fact that this is a First Year 1978 and it remains in the hands of its Original Owner!

California car, clearly garage kept... a 128k dry climate find.

1978 Porsche 928 - 4.5L SOHC V8 with the highly desirable 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Looks to be Cockney Brown on Beige Leather with Phone Dial Rims. Car looks to be original and correct!

A project looking for a taskmaster to take it on - the private seller's ask is $5,000. USD, but there is a big upside on this model with the early 928 values appreciating at quite a pace in both 2016 & 2017.

Certainly worthy of digging deeper on this one.. so give us a call if its of interest!






Fresh Find: 17.11.14 - A True Garage Find... waiting to be reawakened. 

It is not too rare to find a 928s sitting all alone and left for dead in a garage, but what is rare and attractive here is the fact that this is a First Year 1978 and it remains in the hands of its Original Owner!

California car, clearly garage kept... a 128k dry climate find.

1978 Porsche 928 - 4.5L SOHC V8 with the highly desirable 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Looks to be Cockney Brown on Beige Leather with Phone Dial Rims. Car looks to be original and correct!

A project looking for a taskmaster to take it on - the private seller's ask is $5,000. USD, but there is a big upside on this model with the early 928 values appreciating at quite a pace in both 2016 & 2017.

Certainly worthy of digging deeper on this one.. so give us a call if its of interest!





Fresh Find: 17.11.14 - Simply one beautiful air cooled 911.Impressive to say the least, and the colour just demands that you stare at this thing.

1980 Porsche 911SC Coupe in oh so hard to find Petrol Blue Metallic on Black Leather with Factory Sport Seats and this is an all too rare Sunroof Delete car too. Reportedly 98,000 original miles on this southwestern charmer and the engine was rebuilt by the pros at Patrick Motorsport - to Euro Specs. Invoices for this rebuild are with the car!

Sure this is getting near all the money for a 911SC but a quick look around the car and it's rare factory build may make this worthy of the ask.

The ask is currently $49,500. USD - looking for a 911 worthy of a place in your garage... give us a call today!




2002 BMW M Roadster


Fresh Find: 17.11.08 - Fat Fendered & Fabulous!

Don't get me wrong, sure we still love Porsches, but they certainly aren't the only cars we lust after!

Great find, rarely seen at anything approaching this price point... 2002 BMW M Roadster. This is the M Roadster model that stands above the crowd as it cam blessed from the factory with the S54 Engine offering it's driver 316hp to play with in an upgraded RWD chassis that can handle the power.

Note: The earlier M Roadsters 1998-2000 were powered by a 240hp engine!

Only 1600 2001/2002 M Roadsters (S54) were delivered into North American and hence given that few were made available back then, they are rather difficult to source now and finding a good one, well priced is near impossible.

This impressive find is a two owner car from new that was delivered to it's first owner in Atlanta Georgia and the car has remained in the area from birth under the care of BMW dealers and local BMW Specialist. This is a maintained, respected... in fact loved example that has been used and not left in the garage ignored. Higher mileage than some at 124k miles to date, but it is described as a car that shows wear and overall condition commensurate with an example with half this mileage.

Gorgeous in it's factory original livery of Triple Black with the factory Grey Rims - this is a no damage, original paint car!

Recent service including: new control arms, trailing arm bushings, sub-frame bushings, tie rods, brakes, shocks, convertible top, tires, radiator and more all within the last two years.

Although not a flawless collection piece we believe that this car represents a significant buyer's opportunity at the $15,900. USD ask. Hard to replicate this one!


2002 BMW M Roadster

2002 BMW M Roadster



Custom title


Fresh Find: 17.11.08 - It doesn't look like a Porsche!

The 500E/E500's built for model years 1992 - 1994 (120 special order cars were built for 1995) - these cars were the direct result of an unusual collaboration between Porsche and Mercedes Benz. Although based off of the standard E Class Mercedes Sedan it is a very different animal - taken in another direction.

Mercedes was in dire need of a performance sedan to compete with BMW's M5 and Porsche had the time and the capabilities to assist with the design and build such a car.  Each of these cars were virtually hand built being delivered back and forth between the Mercedes and Porsche plants over a period of 18 days. It turned out to be a win win for all involved... the car was very well received and it quickly developed a reputation for performance, quality and reliability that has followed it for the past 25 years.

Desirable when first introduced and becoming more desirable by the day. Not many were produced and fewer still made it into the North American market and now at 25 years of age many of these 500E/E500 cars have been beaten down and left for dead... not this one!

1994 Mercedes Benz E500 - 105k original miles from new, this is a near impossible to source ONE OWNER example - delivered back in 1994 into Washington State. The car has been well maintained by it's original owner and has just recently came out of a 10 year period of storage.  Major work has been undertaken to prep this car after it's long rest: New engine/trans mounts - New brake rotors/pads front and rear - fuel filter/air filters & New rear suspension accumulators - Differential fluid change - New tires - New headlight/windshield wiper blades. AC is operational & cold!

Now although an impressive example it is not without fault, yes there is some wear and tear, but to our eyes more maturing patina that eye sores.

A true 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' 5.0L Naturally Aspirated V8 offering 326hp - 0-60 in 6 seconds and 160 mph top end (with limiter).

An appreciating modern era classic priced at the low end for a solid 500E/E500 at $23,000. USD


Custom title

Custom title



1992 Porsche 968 Cabriolet in ,


Fresh Find: 17.11.06 - Not all of the great Porsches have rear mounted engines.

How quick the world was to forget about the Porsche cars built with front mounted engines and RWD. The world may have let these cars slip their minds but the real enthusiast never forgot them and now with 911 prices out of hand for some buyers these cars are finding a new following of dedicated lovers.

One of the best of this special breed of Porsches is the 968, for many this is last iteration was not just the last but also the best front engined Porsche.

Today we have an impressive 968 find - 1992 Porsche 968 Cabriolet - 3.0L Twin Cam, Inline 4 offering 236hp connected to a 6 Speed Manual Transaxle. The 968's fabulously balanced chassis offers world class road holding and the potent engine provides near 911 on road performance.

This is a near mint 56k mile example in stunning Guards Red on Black Leather wearing a set of Cup Rims.

Minimal evidence of wear and a pristine history are indicative of the life this lovely piece has lived... clearly garage kept and treated with love by all who owned her. 

The ask is $19,995. USD - or about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of a similar condition 911 from this same era. This is a lot of car for the money!


1992 Porsche 968 Cabriolet in ,

1992 Porsche 968 Cabriolet in ,




Fresh Find: 17.11.03 - As pretty as a picture... Loaded, Immaculate and Pure Value!

2002 Porsche Carrera '4' - Cabriolet. 3.6L - 315hp H6 with 6 Speed Manual & AWD. Just 61k original California miles since new, garage kept and clearly treated as an object d' art by it's former owner.

Stunning in Blue Metallic on Grey Leather with 18" Modular Porsche Rims.

One of the freshest examples you find anywhere and simply a fabulous 911 at this price point.

Whether you are looking for a weekend toy or a 911 Daily Driver this pristine example will fill the bill yet it is availabe for pennies on the dollar. Depreciation has taken a heavy toll, but the next owner gets a near showroom fresh 911 to cherish for years to come without digging into his financial resources.

This car is ready for it's next owner and it is being offered at $22,900. USD - don't hesitate, call today!





Fresh Find: 17.11.02 - Inspirational Pick... what many of us dream of when we hit the sheets each night. Special to say the least, but sadly the super stuff never comes cheap!

1972 Porsche 911'S' Coupe in oh so rare factory 'Viper Green' - one of six believed to have been built back in the day. Reportedly a 70k mile all original example that has been kept in a climate controlled environment and used sparingly.

Of course it is a Numbers Matching car with a Porsche COA that matches it's livery.

190hp 2.3L Air Cooled... do you remember the sound these high rpm engines produces as they pass by?

Unique and simply stunning... privately offered at $175,000. USD





Fresh Find: 17.11.02 - One of my personal favorites... the early 996 Coupes factory optioned with the Factory Aero Package, Sport Suspension & Sport Design 18" Modular Rims.

This is not your average 996... this 1999 Porsche Carrera Coupe has just 36k original miles and it is simply immaculate throughout - all the while remaining virtually original - just as it left the factory.

The colour combination is as special as the car in Silver on Full Boxster Red Leather. Further optioned with Power Sport Seats, Full Carbon Fibre Package, Early PSM, Enhanced Stereo etc.

Best yet the car has just recently had it's original IMS Bearing replaced with LN Engineering's Dual Row IMS.

Love what you drive while you await the upsurge in market values for this very special early 996.

Not cheap at $30,900. USD - but try and replicate all the attributes offered with this one for less!





Fresh Find: 17.11.01 - is this a 911 bargain buy or something you should quickly say no too... to be fair we simply won't know until we dig in deeper!

Cheap and cheerful classic 911s are becoming a very tough find and to be honest so many of these cars disappoint more often than delight. Understandably at this price point you have to keep your expectations in check, but that said we all, rightly want, a Porsche 911 that looks good and performs well, a 911 that is both structurally strong and mechanically solid... for most of us anything less will simply not do!

1978 Porsche 911SC Targa - 126k miles recorded, fresh repaint in Silver on Black Leather - mechanically correct, strong runner with no known leaks or smoke, shifts good, and shows no evidence of corrosion. Lots of positives here to be sure and the available images provide further evidence of a Porsche well preserved.

Of course as the offered at $29,900. USD we know it won't be perfect, but it is nice enough that we can't help but want to learn more, to dig deeper. So if you are a serious, potential buyer of a classic, air cooled 911 but you're on a budget - don't hesitate to reach out to us and come along for the ride on this chase. Call today!





Fresh Find: 17.11.01 - Finding a 914 is easy, but finding one like this is verging on the impossible these days.

Being a former 914 owner (a long long time ago) these cars remain a favorite for me... no not really fast and certainly a long way from furious the 914 was simple, fun and a truly fabulous drive and once up to speed a car that was near impossible to pass on a curvy road. 

Stunningly well preserved 1976 Porsche 914 - 2.0 - 94k original miles from new. The car was Ziebart'd when first purchased and then kept away from the metal destroying elements which together has resulted in one of the cleanest, corrosion free examples you are likely to find at this attractive price point.

Yes I know it is a big bumpered 76 and hence not quite as attractive or desirable as the earlier chrome bumpered cars, but that said, try and find an earlier example that compares visually and mechanically to this find at anything approaching this price.

Factory loaded piece and virtually as it left the factory with the exception of the updated stereo head unit (original radio comes with the car).

Offered at $14,900. USD and near irreplaceable at this price point now some 40+ years after leaving the factory!




1976 Ferrari 308


Fresh Find: 17.11.01 - Don't simply park your money as a drivable investment such as this fabulous Ferrari can add so much to a life that is already well lived.

Sure if you are a serious Ferrari enthusiast, you like us have seen many of these 308s offered for significantly less than this rather special example, but they were not this car!

1976 Ferrari 308 Dino - 26k miles recorded and believed actual, just back from a full belt service, zero evidence of corrosion or past accident damage, and simply stunning in gorgeous Black on Tan Leather. This is a drive anywhere example ready to be enjoyed!

This 2+2 was the V8 powered follow up to the, now near financially unattainable, Dino 246 models and it carries many of the 246's design cues wrapped in a modern era wedge shape... simply a fabulous mix of classic & modern Italian Automotive Design.

A potent performer in it's day these 308's remaining a great way to move down the road at speed with the sound and fury that only a classic Ferrari can provide. Driving a 308 is a pure analogue experience with it's 4 Cam V8 sitting mid-ship behind its 'very lucky' driver, who is busy working the 'Gated Shifter', while wrapped in a classically styled cabin that screams Ferrari at it's finest.

Every drive will prove to be a near unforgettable experience and every glance at this beauty, while parked in your garage, brings benefits that no other investment can offer.

Nice, ownership worthy 308s are rare and values for quality examples are on the rise, following the lead of Enzo's other classic Ferrari models. Get yours today before the Dino 308s start reflecting the Dino 246's values.

As offered at $68,800. USD this drivable investment looks like a winning combination of fun & value!


1976 Ferrari 308

1976 Ferrari 308

1976 Ferrari 308




Fresh Find: 17.10.30 - Finding a purchase worthy 993 that has been priced aggressively is tough, but finding a 993 Targa that is priced right and worthy of investment is a whole other level of difficulty!

Just over 2000 - 993 Targa's were manufactured by Porsche for worldwide distribution over their limited production run for model years 1997 & 1998. These cars are rare and highly prized by knowing enthusiast.

This 1997 Porsche Carrera Targa is powered by the 282hp H6 (the last of the air cooled engine cars) and it has the 6 Speed Manual with RWD. Optioned from the factory with Code 220 Limited Slip Differential - this is a Porsche that was made to be driven.

This example has just 74k original miles on the odometer and has records with the car. All original throughout in factory Silver on Black Leather. The private seller has recently purchased his next Porsche and he is ready to let this one go.

Value at $52,000. USD





Fresh Find: 17.10.30 - Go ahead test the market and see if you can find a better all-round value!

The original run of these Boxster 'S' cars continues to provide buyers an opportunity to purchase a true Porsche, that offers near 911 performance for significantly less... just like they did when they were first introduced into the market by Porsche for the 2000 MY.

This very impressive example is a three owner Florida Original that has been clearly well cared for from new as none of the usual evidence of wear and tear exists on this beauty.

These cars offer up 250hp from their 3.2L H6 engines and come with 6 Speed Manuals, but what sets them apart from the 911 norm is the mid-engine chassis design, which offers world class handling capabilities.

This is a pristine history vehicle with a clean CarFax and just 67k southern miles from new. The car shows near mint throughout and it came factory loaded with many of the available desirable options including the Sports Package and the 18" Turbo Twist Rims. Stunning in it's original Guards Red on Savanna Beige Leather!

Best of all it has the LN Engineering IMS Update - the car is stock with exception of the updated stereo and Borla Exhaust to let it sound as any Porsche should.

Pure Porsche Value for $12,999. USD





Fresh Find: 17.10.30 - PCA Member owned since 2011 - this 'Nice Driver' quality Air Cooled 911 Coupe looks to be a great example of the now hard to find market buy.

1985 Porsche Carrera Coupe in it's original Grand Prix White on Black Leather. 106k original miles have been accumulated over the years making it a low mileage example for this model year!

Well documented car out of the Northwest with documents that go back to when it was new. Consistently maintained by local Porsche Pro's and virtually all original throughout. The car had one low speed bump back in 2016, which was well documented along with repair invoices - no frame damage or chassis correction was required.  

Great looking, solid running 911 Coupe in the right colours!

For $32,950. USD looks to be a fair value for this find.




Used 1987 Maserati Biturbo -SPYDER-ZAGATO- CONVERTIBLE | Mundelein, IL


Fresh Find: 17.10.17 - For many this is a long forgotten model, a Maserati that was rare when new and certainly far rarer today. The early editions of this model had some very mixed reviews along with some reliability issues that sadly branded the breed with lots of negative press and although the later models like this 87 were much improved market interest here in North America never recovered and the Maserati brand soon disappeared from the N.A. market until it's return over a decade later.

Virtually Original Throughout, Pristine and as near to Mint as you can expect for a 30+ year old Italian exotic.

1987 Maserati Zagoto Spider (Biturbo) - 185 hp Twin Turbo, Fuel Injected V6 with the desirable 5 Speed Manual.

What sets this example far above the norm for this model as this is a One Owner, Garage Kept, Well Maintained find with just 19,000 original miles. Even the plush full leather interior is intact with minimal evidence of wear or age!

Now if you are able to put your concerns aside and dig a little deeper into the pros and cons of this model both your eyes and your mind may open enough to understand the opportunity presented here. What other Italian designed and built classic spider even comes close to approaching the value equation offered by this impressive example.

We beleive that this is the moment in time to buy one of these, but only if you can find the right one, one that is worthy of ownership. Excellent examples have never been cheaper and the potential exists for this model to find a fresh following of enthusiasts, much like all of the other Italian Exotics from this era... like the Biturbo those other cars also had issues and disappointments that have now been overlooked!

For $12,900. USD there is not much in the current market that even comes close to this Classic Italian Spider.


Used 1987 Maserati Biturbo -SPYDER-ZAGATO- CONVERTIBLE | Mundelein, IL

Used 1987 Maserati Biturbo -SPYDER-ZAGATO- CONVERTIBLE | Mundelein, IL

Used 1987 Maserati Biturbo -SPYDER-ZAGATO- CONVERTIBLE | Mundelein, IL




Fresh Find: 17.10.17 - This is not a mint, polished, perfect 911, but it may prove to be a value buy for the guy looking for his initial entry into the 911 world.

1988 Porsche Carrera Targa in desirable Triple Black - G50 with 3.2L H6 - 177k original miles with a documented Top End Engine Rebuild at 130k miles and repair invoices for the car since 1999.

Solid, quite presentable example throughout that needs a good detail in the hands of its next owner. Flaws include the normal minor oil leaks and noisy, but not leaking Targa Seals, but it reportedly runs and drives strong. 

Private seller is not using the car and needs to let it go, hence priced at $29,900. USD - hard to find an ownership worthy G50 in this range these days!




Pre-Owned 1991 Toyota MR2 2DR CPE TBO MT TB


Fresh Find: 17.10.17 - Sure you have seen lots of these over the years, but one like this is now a very rare find!

Unmolested, Stock and Virtually Original Throughout!

1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo - a California original that has lived out its life in the car friendliest climate on earth. Just three owners from new and it has a Pristine, unblemished CarFax too. Just 91,000 dry climate miles from new!

Blessed with a mid-engine chassis, a 200hp Twin Cam Turbo Engine, 5 Speed Manual & RWD this is the little sports car that could. Fabulous fun and reliable as they come.

Yes many were made and delivered into North America but most were bastardized, beaten and abused by the Fast & Furious Crowd and now very few of the original car remain available.

A pure sports car bargain with a potential for some value appreciation in the years to come. The ask is $11,900. USD - don't wait as it won't be around for long!


Pre-Owned 1991 Toyota MR2 2DR CPE TBO MT TB

Pre-Owned 1991 Toyota MR2 2DR CPE TBO MT TB




Fresh Find: 17.10.17 - A desirable 964 Carrera 2 (RWD) with the 3.6L H6 & 5 Speed Manual

Out of the Northwest this low mileage 1990 Porsche Carrera 2 Cabriolet is virtually original throughout. Just 38k original miles from new with minimal wear & tear.

Grand Prix White on Black Leather with matching Black Soft Top and Chromed Porsche D90 Alloy Rims. The car appears to be extremely straight with no apparent bumps or bruises and it is reportedly a no surprise car with a dry engine and no known mechanical or cosmetic needs.

Yes I know... you have been focused on buying a 964 Coupe, but finding one that matches the attributes found in this Cabriolet mean that you have to dig far deeper into your bank account. This Cab offers a 964 buyer so much for so much less - so please think this through and give me a call to discuss why buying a 964 Cab can make real sense!

The private seller's ask is $39,500. USD





Fresh Find: 17.10.16 - Lots of time and money have gone into making this a special 911...

1983 Porsche SC Coupe in rare and lovely Slate Blue Metallic on Black Leather - a dry climate piece that lived out it's life in California. Rust Free find!

Converted to a 3.2L making use of a 1988 911 Carrera engine - 915 Transmission with Wevo Gate Shifter, BBS Modular Rims 8" Fronts & 10" Rears, sits at Euro Ride Hieght - Brakes System Upgrade, Tarett Adjustable Rear Sway Bars.

Higher mileage at 179k recorded miles, but don't forget this is not a worn down, corroded Eastern 911.

Looks like oure value at the $34,500. ask, but we need to dig deeper! If you are thinking this i be right for you give us a call and we will work with you to prove the piece before you buy.




2000 Porsche Boxster S in San Diego, California


Fresh Find: 17.10.12 - As nice as you'll see just about anywhere.

These early 'S' equipped Boxsters are a pure Porsche bargain, a true German crafted sports car that simply offers the best performance for price ratio to be found in the marketplace.

This is a Mint, Two Owner, All Original Example - just 44k original, pristine history miles and unlike many Boxsters this one was Factory Loaded with all the right Options.

2000 Porsche Boxster S - Dark Blue Metallic on Savanna Beige with the Full Leather Package. Power Seats, HiFi Sound, 18" Turbo Twist Rims etc.

The car shows very little evidence of its time on the road and has been clearly a well respected,, carefully enjoyed Porsche. With the 250hp 3.2L H6 and 6 Speed Manual sitting mid chassis this car is capable of performance that is near on par with it's 911 siblings from this era.

One of the cleanest we have seen of late and it is priced sensibly at $14,595. USD


2000 Porsche Boxster S in San Diego, California

2000 Porsche Boxster S in San Diego, California