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SportsCarLocate's focus has always been on custom vehicle location services, but we often come across some great buying opportunities that just don't meet our current clients' requirements - these cars we offer as 'Dan's Picks.

Our Dan's Picks provide casual buyers fast access to some fabulous opportunities on really nice Sports & Exotics. This personally curated selection of available cars is sourced from the 1000's of Sports & Exotics that come fresh into the open market each week from all across North America. Getting added to this list is not easy, as cars must first catch our discerning eye, successfully pass our initial review and offer what we sense to be excellent overall market value. 




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Hello and welcome...

My name is Dan Conlon and I am the CLO of SportsCarLocate. Since our start up back in 2009 I have dedicated my energy to sourcing our clients the best purchase opportunities available on ownership worthy sports & exotics.

If this is your first visit to the site you'll certainly want to learn more about just who we are, what we do and of course you will want to understand just how our unique business model can be of benefit to you in your hunt for your right Sports or Exotic car. I ask that you take a moment to: learn about us.


Winter is now in full swing and we are being inundated up here in the north with cold and blustery winter... theholiday season has ended and we are wondering if this is finally your time to get serious about your car dreams? This is our 9th season of operation and we can't wait to see what fresh treasures will come available through the next few months of 2018. Historically some of the best buying opportunities come to the market this time of year! Looking... don't forget that we are in the market each and every day, so if you are on the hunt please don't hesitate to call or email if you have a questions or want our assistance in finding you your 'right' car.

Although you may find that many of our current picks are Porsche cars we also custom source other sports & exotics - modern era or classic, virtually whatever our clients desire. So if a Porsche isn't your thing please don't hesitate to call and discuss your desired make/model we would be please to help to source the right car.

Important Note: SportsCarLocate is not here to sell you a car. We are vehicle locators 'not a vehicle dealer' and we do not broker, buy, sell or trade in vehicles at any time. Our clients make their own independent vehicle buying decisions without pressure or inducements from us as we have zero financial interest in any car we source. All vehicles listed on this web site are offered for sale by their owners and all agreements to purchase are solely between the buyer and the seller.


1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 2


Fresh Find: Feb 26, 2018 - If by chance you are considering a 911 Cabriolet purchase for the up coming season I have to strongly suggest that you add this one to your list.

Immaculate, Two Owner, Virtually Original, Dry Climate California Car. An end of era, final year example of the traditionally styled 911.

1994 Porsche Carrera '2' Cabriolet - blessed from birth with the torque rich 3.6L Air Cooled Engine with G50 derived 5 Speed Manual and the desirable RWD chassis.

Stunning in all too rare Slate Grey Metallic on Tan Leather all of which are near untouched by the years and the mileage on this car. Clearly not just owned, but also loved by its long-term caretakers.

54k careful miles since new and simply a beauty to behold.

911 Heaven for the knowledgeable enthusiast looking for a drop top air cooled Porsche.

Pure value in this condition at $49,900. USD


1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 2

1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 2

1990 Porsche 944 S2


Fresh Find: Feb 26, 2018 - One of my all time favorite front engine/rear drive Porsches!

1990 Porsche 944 'S2' Cabriolet - the 944 lineup started out as something cheap and cheerful, being a rather under powered Audi Engine'd piece with a rough and tumble plastic interior with an exterior that just didn't come together, to my eyes anyway. That said the model matured and Porsche's long tradition of improving the breed took hold and over the years low and behold Porsche turned that rather ugly ducking into quite the beauty and the beauty of the 944 'S2' was not just skin deep - simply put these are great Porsches.

These S2 cars carried proper Porsche designed power with a 3.0L Twin Cam four under the hood and a sweet shifting 5 Speed Manual Transmission. These cars are sit on a wonderfully balanced chassis that allows drivers to near defy the laws of gravity and have great fun while doing it too. 

Today we have a really special example - Mint and Original throughout with just 36k original miles recorded. The car has a pristine history as well with documentation to back up this low mileage.

Gorgeous in Metallic Blue on White Leather with a Matching Blue Soft Top.

Quality like this does not come cheap, but with an ask if $19,995, USD given the mileage this one could be a real treat to own and drive.


1990 Porsche 944 S2

1990 Porsche 944 S2


Fresh Find: Feb 26, 2018 - Okay lads lots of money has been lavished on this 911 and it is time for you to reap the rewards of the private seller's largess.

Yes sure there may be a little left to do on this find here and there, but try as you might I think you'll agree that this is one that will prove tough to replicate for the sensible ask on this 911.

1982 Porsche SC Coupe - these 3.0L air cooled 911s are known as the bullet proof Porsche... no, of course that is not quite true but they were and are beautifully build cars with very strong mechanicals, and you'll see lots of these SC cars still running strong in the 200-300 thousand mile range.

Impressively update piece that the former owner spent $10k in paintwork alone

plus Recaro Seats, Momo Wheel, Rennline Pedals, Coco Mats, RS door panels, RUF front and rear bumpers, euro exhaust, newer mirrors and handles etc.

Since the current seller's purchase he has further improved the car with:

New Fuch Type Wheels, New Tires, All new fluids, New Alternator and a New Battery.

PCA Member Owned with 142k original, dry climate miles on the odometer and tons of receipts for work from current and past owners.

Go ahead and try and replicate this for less than the $35,000. USD ask!



Fresh Find: Feb 26, 2018 - Air Cooled 911 hunting on a tight budget? If you want to seriously love what you drive, but you are, like many of us, a little budget constrained... then this 993 inspired 911 may tick a lot of boxes for you.

The car started life as a 1986 Porsche Carrera 3.2L Cabriolet, but it's former owner decided that he wanted to build what was then his dream car... a 993 Wide Body Cab. Looking around the car in detail I would say the that past owner achieved what he had started out to do, and did it all very well as very few details were left untouched on this 993 Turbo S bodied car.

Mechanically it remains as it left the factory with the original 3.2L & 915 Transmission, but everything has been rebuilt (including the engine the transmission), refreshed or updated.

The builder made use of a high quality composite body kit to update the look and finished all in a very high quality paint job in Guards Red.

Just one quick look around the car and anyone can clearly see the significant amount of time and money that went into this build. No it is not a pure, unadulterated, factory original 911, but it looks fabulous, runs great and the overall quality of workmanship is miles ahead of near any 911 you'll find anywhere at this private seller's price point.

Currently on offer for $29,000. USD as the owner has medical needs that need attending too, so the car must go!



Fresh Find: Feb 21, 2018 - Oh these little Honda sports car treasures are getting tough to find in this condition. Sure there are lots of the massaged and beaten S2000s out there, but this is different.

Rare Two Owner, Virtually All Original, with a pristine history, and just 56k original accident free miles!

2001 Honda S2000 - AP1 - powered by a screaming VTEC Honda power plant offering 236hp which drives the rear wheels via a sweet shifting 6 Speed Manual. 

Stunning in Spa Yellow on Black Leather with a matching Black Top.

Offered sensibly at just $15,000. USD

These unique go cart like roadsters are seeing some fresh interest from mature enthusiasts and prices are firming up fast - so get yours soon.



Fresh Find: Feb 20, 2018 - Special Edition Porsches have a great tradition of value appreciation over the longer term and with this one you have a chance to get in on the ground floor, before prices take off.

2004 Porsche Boxster S - 50th Anniversary - 550 Spyder

As described below by Porsche... these Special Edition 550's are truly special and Porsche made sure that near every available upgrade was part of this package. Just 1953 550s were built for worldwide distribution to commemorate Porsche's first true factory built racer.

They have boosted the 3.2-liter flat-six engineís output to 264 horsepower (SAE), up from 258. They have reduced the travel of the six-speed manual transmissionís aluminum shifter by 15 percent, thus further enhancing the driverís pleasure. A special exhaust system with a stainless steel tailpipe delivers the sort of sounds that stimulate those inside the car as well as those who hear it pass.

The appearance and performance of this very special Boxster S includes a wider and lower stance. The carís already aggressively tuned suspension is lowered by nearly four-tenths of an inch (10 mm). This revised stance is made even more noticeable by the use of wheel spacers that are nearly two-tenths of an inch (5 mm) wide and thus move the carís wheels slightly outboard. This lower and wider stance improves the carís handling and permits higher lateral acceleration values. Porsche Stability Management (PSM) is included as standard equipment on each of the special edition Boxster S models.

To enhance the carís performance after dark, all of the special edition Boxster S models are equipped with Litronic headlamps with dynamic beam angle adjustment and washers.

The car rides on 17-inch wheels, with 18-inch Carrera wheels as an option. Showing through those wheels are special four-piston aluminum brake calipers, painted in an aluminum finish.

Most of the original 550 Spyders were painted silver and the special edition Boxster S models reflect their heritage with gleaming silver metallic paint, a color previously reserved for the Porsche Carreraģ GT and for Porscheís ď40 Years of the 911ģĒ special edition model. The gills on the rear fenders also get special silver paint, and the Boxster S lettering on the carís rear deck is chrome plated and polished.

The roadsterís soft top marks Porscheís first use of a dark brown Cocoa color. The silver and Cocoa colors carry through into the carís interior. As an alternative, the car can be equipped with a black top and with dark gray natural leather interior.

In either color combination, leather is used on the standard heated sports seats, the handbrake lever, the gear lever, the inside door handles and the padded sport steering wheel. The seat back shells, the rear section of the center console, the uncovered section of the handbrake, the grooved bar on the dashboard, the switch panel and the back of the integral roll bars wear the GT-silver color. The forward face of the roll bars are colored to match the carís interior. Gauges have black dials inside chrome-plated rings. Each car is equipped with a uniquely numbered plate on its center console.

Standard equipment includes a trip computer, automatic climate controls, a windbreaker and a Porsche CDR-23 radio.

Now this is an unusual find as it is a higher mileage example (111k miles) but with strong evidence of a life enjoyed yet a life well lived and most importantly a life well maintained given it's Porsche Dealer Service History.

This is a two owner original with a pristine CarFax!

Offered well at just $13,999. USD - try and find a presentable special edition Porsche anywhere for less.



Fresh Find: Feb 20, 2018 - California Beauty - not to be ignored! Have you seen a sweeter 911 Coupe of late? Not me at this price point!

This lovely cries out to be bought, driven and enjoyed. A dry climate find that has clearly been treated right since day one. Desirable G50 equipped 911 in desirable traditional Guards Red On Black Leather with no evidence of it's time on the road.

1987 Porsche Carrera Coupe - the last and the best of the classically styled air cooled Porsches.

95k miles on the odometer, but man this is nice and it is reportedly as fine mechanically as it is cosmetically.

Private offering at $48,500. USD



Fresh Find: Feb 20, 2018 - Opportunity knocks to get in on the 'Real Thing' some 49 years after it left the factory floor.

1968 Shelby GT350 one of the only 70 Wimbledon White '4 Speed Manual' GT 350 - Built for 1968!

This car was subjected to a Rotisserie Restoration and is on offer from one of the most experienced Shelby specific dealers in North America.

Original numbers matching example awaiting the next uptick in appreciation.

Offered at $119,000. USD



Fresh Find: Feb 10, 2018 - Opportunity knocks on what may be the best all round sports car that you can buy for this money.

2002 Porsche Boxster - 207hp 2.7L H6 with 5 Speed Manual - stuffed in a wonderfully balanced mid engine chassis with brakes and suspension to match.

The is a Two Owner, Dry Climate, Southern California in the hands of its loving who has owned the car since 2005. Garage kept and maintained regularly - even has a fresh IMS Bearing Update!

Lovely Lapis Blue Metallic on Grey Leather with a Blue Cloth Soft Top.

Value buy at $7500. USD



Fresh Find: Feb 10, 2018 - If you want to play with the big boys you have to dig a little deeper into your reserves, but oh my what a pay off!

One of the most desirable British Sports Cars of the 50's and a car responsible not only for the shocking success of manufacturer but also a car that proved important to the introduction of sporting cars to the masses worldwide. The beautifully flowing lines of these early Healeys were instrumental in developing a near unquenchable desire in near everyone who saw one drive by.

Now comes your opportunity to quench your thirst - this is not for the faint of heart as offered at $100k USD, but you are acquiring a virtually as new, factory fresh, fully restored example that has been completed by one of the very best Healey Restores in the business.

1956 Austin Healey 100-4 that was originally delivered to it's first owner in Los Angeles California. BMC Philadelphia took this dry climate car and completed a restoration that left no part of the car untouched cosmetically and mechanically.

Stunning colour combo in Black on Green Leather and ready to be enjoyed. Whether you are a collector wanted to coddle or a Brit car lover looking to finally own and love what they have always desired... this is that car.

More to see and more to learn, but be prepared to buy as this car will pull you in and you will not be capable of denying its demand to be bought.




Fresh Find: Feb 10, 2018 - A rare find at this price point given the work completed on this piece.

1963 Corvette Convertible - no not one of those numbers matching, unusable collectables - this is a Vette that can be driven, enjoyed and played with - a virtual no risk purchase at this price. 

The car was the subject of a frame off restore some years back before coming into the hands of the current private owner who took it a few steps further in the summer of 2017 when he installed a fresh engine and Muncie 22 Four Speed. Engine Build: 1973 LT1 block - 355 ci. 4 bolt mains, Steel crank, forged pistons. aluminum heads, 2x4 barrel carbs, roller tip rockers, chambered exhaust etc.

Overall impressive condition throughout for this price, with good paint and interior, even a fresh soft top.

This a a fast a furious Classic Vette for $39,900. USD



Fresh Find: Feb 10, 2018 - Why show the tail end of a car that is stunning beautiful front to back? The back end is both a thing of beauty and it is what most anyone sharing a road with the driver of this thing is likely to see.

2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe - powered by a 380hp 4 Cam V8 and in this car power to the rear wheels is delivered via an all too rare True Six Speed Manual Transmission - not some floppy lever servo controlled auto/manual here, we are talking a real stick shift!

These Aston V8s are not just known for their beauty and performance, but also for their reliability and relatively low maintenance costs when compared against many other exotics. Unlike most exotics these Aston Martins can survive and flourish in the role of a daily driver... in fact we are seeing quite a few of these in the +100k miles range already - not something you see in other exotics.

This is a beautifully spec'd example in stunning deep Blue Sapphire Metallic on lovely Chancellor Red Leather all hand built in Britain. Well optioned and in fabulous condition throughout with near zero evidence of usage and only 21k original miles on the odometer.

Try and find a better all around Aston package for less than the ask here of $41,746. USD



Fresh Find: Feb 9, 2018 - The car has been the recipient of a good life in sunny dry California and it shows.

1989 Porsche Carrera Targa - Final year of production for these traditionally styled 911s - powered by its original 3.2L H6 with the always desired G50 5 Speed Manual.

Nicely preserved example that could be easily improved with a professional detail - often the case with these true private seller vehicles.

Well maintained and freshly inspected - reportedly no oil leaks and good compression. Mechanically prepped for sale and the inspection report is available from the seller.

111k dry climate miles, interior is intact with non of the usual dash cracks or worn leather.

Looks like a value buy with an ask of just $42,300. USD

Lets dig deeper together and figure out if this is the right one for purchase.



Fresh Find: Feb 8, 2018 - These M Roadsters come in two basic versions the earlier 240hp model and the more desirable, late year cars, that were powered by the storied S54B32 engine with 330hp on tap.

The North American delivery numbers of the late year 330hp cars was fairly small and hence given their performance capabilities and limited availability these late year examples have been climbing in market value with what we think is the opportunity for further value appreciation in the years to come.

As equipped this 2002 BMW M Roadster is capable of 0-60 in under 5 seconds, but unlike many fast cars the M Roadster from this era is a total package with looks, both inside and out, suspension and brakes that match the power.

This is an impressive example with just 69k original miles recorded and a pristine history from new. The car shows great throughout with none of the usual wear you find on these cars at this age... clear evidence of a life well lived.

A Virginia car from new with four owners and a car that has just been through a major service in the hands of the local specialist in preparation for this sale.

This is an amazing Sports Car for this money and it would make a fabulous addition to any enthusiast's garage at the $20,995. USD - aggressively priced when compared against similar late year M Roadsters.



Fresh Find: Feb 8, 2018 - Excited for sure... as it is always nice to find and display something really special. This is one of the most unique, factory original 993s you'll see, and a real keeper in stunning condition throughout.

Now I am personally more predisposed to 993 Coupe ownership than I would be to the Cab version, but for this car I would make an exception.

This is a special order car and it's original buyer knew exactly what he wanted and clearly had the funds to make his dream Porsche come to life.

1997 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet - Varioram 282hp Air Cooled H6 (the last and the best version of the naturally aspirated air cooled engines from Porsche) 6 Speed Manual, RWD Chassis. Just 52k original miles.

Finished in Glacier White on Tan Leather. Options List E22- AeroKit 2B, Includes Front and Rear AeroKit Spoilers, AeroKit Rocker Panels,Third Brake Light in Rear Spoiler, M551- Air Deflector, P03 & M692- Becker AM/FM Radio Includes Cassette Player, Remote 6-Disc CD Changer, M490- Hi-Fi Sound System, P15 & M586- Power Seats Package, Includes Passengers & Drivers Side Electric Adjustments, Adjustable Lumbar Supports, M982- Supple Leather Seats and Trim, XD9 & X89- Painted Rims Matched to Exterior Paint, Includes Oriental Rim Caps with Porsche Crests, X19- Leather Lower Dashboard, X34- Instrument Trim Rings Covered in Leather, Includes White Painted Instrument Dials, X28- Light Rootwood Steering Wheel, Y07- Light Rootwood & Aluminum Shifter Knob, Includes Hand Brake Handle Finish, M159- Engine Sound Package, M408- 18" Technology Design Wheels etc.

This car has led a sheltered life in the dry Arizona climate and it remains near Factory Fresh throughout - you just have to see all of the pictures on this to understand the quality and uniqueness of this fabulous 993.

Rare, investor grade find that is priced within range of the far more common, lightly optioned 993 Cabs. Offered at $66,800. USD



Fresh Find: Feb 8, 2018 - Okay, let's be honest these SLs are more GT than sports car - no not something you may tout about to your mucho macho friends or take to weekend track days, but still a fine piece of automotive machinery built by a manufacturer with a very long history of racing and winning. The heritage of the modern era SLs can be traced back to the race winning SL 300s of the 50s - yes the modern era SL is now a little softer all round and built to address the requirements of a different market segment, but there is no denying it's roots.

1999 Mercedes Benz SL500 - no not the very best or the fastest year for SL line, but as priced this is a pure automotive bargain for the buyer that is more about a sporting drive and less about tearing up the asphalt. Not with that said, these cars are by no means slow.. 5.0L V8 providing 302hp to the rear wheels via a 5 Speed Automatic Transmission which allows the car to zip to 60 in 6.1 seconds.

Priced approaching $100k USD when new this three owner example has been used sparingly (like many SLs) and garage kept with just 61k miles on the odometer. The current owner has had the car for the past 10 years and has added just over 7k miles during his ownership period.

The car shows as you would expect an SL to look, super fresh with minimal to no wear throughout and it comes with both the soft top and factory hardtop.

If this SL speaks to you then you'll want to dig in with us a little deeper, but as offered at $8,995. USD its a near no brainer buy for the right guy or gal.



Fresh Find: Feb 7, 2018 - Going, going, gone... at auction and nearing its seller's target price!

Final year 911 SC Targa - Dry Climate Find with recent repaint in it's original colour, clearly a refreshed interior too at some point earlier.

1983 Porsche SC Targa showing 122k miles on the odometer - the selling dealer has recent invoices for $10k in mechanical work in the recent past.

Nice driver quality find that looks good overall and reportedly runs strong... not without some faults, but what 911 isn't within range of this well offered piece. A/C does not blow cold, the dash has cracks and I sense that the Targa roof is ready for a rebuild... surprise surprise!  

Lots to like here for $27,900. USD - as there are fewer and fewer serviceable, air cooled cars, down at this number.



Fresh Find: Feb 7, 2018 - Pure Magic - and one of the loveliest Prancing Horse cars ever. 

Who among us has not been bitten by the Ferrari bug, a contagion that lingers within us all, and it has only one cure. That of course being Ferrari ownership, and with that, all of the blessings that such ownership bestows upon those that are both fortunate and brave enough to take the plunge.  

Now understandably very few of us economically battered enthusiast have the financial means let alone the fortitude to jump into the deep end and buy a new Ferrari, as fabulous as they may be they remain the unattainable for most of the quivering crowd. 

So what are you to do if your Ferrari desire runs so deep that you are losing sleep, yet you find yourself with pockets that are not deep enough to fill this void and alleviate the pain? Luckily Ferrari has been building cars for a very long time and some of it's best and brightest efforts have now depreciated to a number that make some of the cars from this hallowed Marque at least approachable, if not affordable.  

Today's Ferrari find is one of those rare opportunities where we find something that ticks so many of the boxes yet it's priced within reach... well sure it is a Ferrari so it going to be a bit of a financial stretch for many, but it is attainable for far more enthusiast than most would imagine. That said you have to take a long, big picture look at the realities of Ferrari ownership, the initial purchase and the actual cost of maintenance, but also you must look at the prospective return on your Ferrari investment once you are ready to let it go and return it to the marketplace. The big picture view may prove better than you may have assumed. 

1998 Ferrari F355 Spider - Gated 6 Speed True Manual Car - Just 25k original well documented miles from new, and a car with minimal ownership turnover having just two owners from new. Importantly the car comes with what we all want - that being a very well documented service history at each owners' local Ferrari Dealership! That said i sense that it is time again for an engine out, timing belt service on this piece so you need to make that part of your calculations.

This is a pristine history example that shows minimal wear with no leather shrink and no sticky buttons!

Truly love what you drive - offered at $63,900. USD



Fresh Find: Feb 7, 2018 - Looking for a potent Porsche Classic cabriolet for the up coming season? You need to jump on this one quick!

California dry climate find with just two dedicated owners from new. This car comes with a thick folder of service invoices from both the local Porsche dealer and one reputable Porsche Specialist shop - a car that was never ignored and forgotten in the garage.

1991 Porsche Carrera '2' the rear wheel drive version of the 964 - powered by the delicious air cooled 3.6L H6 with power transferred to the rear wheels via a 5 Speed Manual Transmission.

Just 71k original miles from new and original and super fresh throughout in traditional Guards red on Beige Leather.

All said a whole lot of air cooled Porsche for the $41,500. USD ask.


1959 Austin-Healey Sprite


Fresh Find: Feb 7, 2018 - A joy to own and a pleasure to drive a model that has moved up market over the years and holding onto the gains it has made.

Whether you are an old Brit car lover or a young classic sports car enthusiast this is a car that will please near everyone as who doesn't love a Bug Eyed Sprite.

1959 Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 - very much like it left the factory across the pond some near 60 years ago.

$42,000 USD was invested in a ground up restoration of this stunning example some years back ith less than 3000 miles since that restoration (invoices are with the car), and it has recently been refreshed mechanically with fresh brakes etc, to ensure the next owner has a car that is problem free and ready to be enjoyed.

A great example as to why I suggest to clients to by someone else's completed car as opposed to buying a project car and then invest in it's restoration...Offered at $19,995. USD 



1959 Austin-Healey Sprite


1959 Austin-Healey Sprite


Fresh Find: Feb 6, 2018 - I have to say that I have a thing for special order colours on a 911. When you look at as many Porsches as I do in a day it is always nice to see one that stands out from the crowd, and this one most certainly does.

1990 Porsche Carrera '4' Cabriolet - stunning in it's original Tahoe Blue Metallic on Cream Leather and Cup Rims that are colour matched.

The car is pristine throughout showing little to no wear with 63k original miles on the clock.

Reportedly runs and drives as great as it looks and a car that simply can't be ignored as you pass by at speed.

Speaking of speed the 964 Carrera 4 is in so many ways a direct descendent of the hallowed, limited production 959 cars and many of the technologies developed for the 959 found their way into these 964s. Powered by the 3.6L 247hp air cooled H6 with 5 Speed Manual Transmission and of course AWD.

Offered at $49,500. USD 



Fresh Find: Feb 6, 2018 - Rare find made all the rarer by the reality that it is a near mint, One Owner SS.

1998 Chevrolet Camaro 'SS' - SLP - LS1 Slicktop Coupe. Original throughout, unmodified and kept in amazing condition by the guy that carefully order the car his way back in the 90's.

Shimmering Black on Grey Cloth with SS Rims power coated in black to match - one mean looking Camaro!

These factory SLP LS1s were produced in very limited numbers and in their day they were one of the fastest cars that GM sent out the door with and SLP modified LS1 engine and 330hp on tap.

The right car, in the right condition, with the right history, and just one owner from new... talk about a keeper!

Offered at $12,900. USD 





Fresh Find: Feb 5, 2018 - A classic early Targa priced to allow you to drive and enjoy it not like many 911s of this vintage that you are forced to park and ignore to protect their value.

1970 Porsche 911T Targa in Signal Yellow on Black Leather - this is a non numbers matching example as it is propelled by a 2.2L 911E engine from the same era. Engine has been updated with Weber Carbs and provides approximately 140hp.

Reportedly very nice paintwork, factory sport seats, fresh Targa Top, 6x15 Fuchs and a fresh clutch and brakes Looks great, runs great and most importantly it is a zero rust car!

Simply a fabulous way to own and drive an early long nose - reliable and ready to be enjoyed. I've always loved these Stainless Steel trimmed Targa cars!

Offered at $59,900. USD 



1999 Porsche 911 Carrera


Fresh Find: Feb 5, 2018 - Pure value for the enthusiast seeking a great performing 911 without breaking the bank. This car ticks so many of our boxes and best yet it is in the right condition and priced aggressively too.

1999 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet - with Factory Hardtop! Why we like it: Documented ONE OWNER, clean climate - West Coast Original (California/Washington State), Pristine History and Documented Porsche Dealer Serviced from new (28 Dealer Service Visits recorded)!

Just 72k original miles on this near mint beauty - Blue Metallic on Grey Full Leather, Power Heated Seats, Xenon Lights, Three Spoke Wheel and more.

1999 is a desirable year for the 996 as it has the 300hp H6 Engine which has the significantly sturdier Dual Row IMS Bearing and therefore less prone to the dreaded IMS Failure Issue suffered by the other 3.4L & 3.6L 996 Carrera Engines.

Looking for a 911 to love and drive - the 996 offers everything a 911 enthusiast desires, but it is a true value buy when compared against any other era of 911.

Offered at $18,995. USD 


1999 Porsche 911 Carrera


1999 Porsche 911 Carrera


Fresh Find: Feb 2, 2018 - This is a very impressive 914 out of the dry climate Southwest that has been restored and significantly enhanced and much improved over it's stock configuration.

1973 Porsche 914 powered by a rebuilt, significantly modified 2.0L engine bumped out to 2.4L along with Twin Carbs. (original Fuel Injection is with the car). But the modification didn't stop there as the brakes, rims and suspension were also upgraded and it rides on 5 Lug Original Fuchs. Transmission was also the subject of a rebuild and it shifts great.

The car is solid throughout and started life as a Bahama Yellow just as it is seen today.

If you are looking for a 914 to love, own and enjoy it is become extremely hard to find one that comes close to all of the attributes found in this one.

Performance and appearance of this car are on par or exceed the original Porsche 914-6 cars now priced into the $100k range.

I have had many clients over the years seeking a Speedster or 550 Spyder Clone that may have been better served by looking at a real Porsche instead, and this 914 ticks almost all those 'I want' boxes too. Yet unlike the clones this is a legitimate 45 year old factory built Porsche... you tell me where you would like your money to be sitting in the years to come,

Offered at $29,900. USD 



Used 1969 Chevrolet Camaro -COPO CLONE-RESTORED BIG BLOCK-SEE VIDEO | Mundelein, IL


Fresh Find: Feb 2, 2018 - COPO Clone - done nice - Chevrolet's infamous Central Office Production Order was the method Chevy Dealers used in 1969 to produce their legendary factory built Drag Racer.

A furious 427 was under the hood backed by a Muncie M22 4 Speed and a Posi Track Rear End with the rest of the car being a stripper - real factory built COPOs now top the list of Camaro Values at the auctions, but this clone is a way to get it all the look, the feel, the performance for pennies on the dollar.

Impressive throughout, this older recreation remains in great condition and it remains ready to rock your world.

Saturday nights will never be the same if this is in your garage.

Offered at $39,900. USD 


Used 1969 Chevrolet Camaro -COPO CLONE-RESTORED BIG BLOCK-SEE VIDEO | Mundelein, IL


Used 1969 Chevrolet Camaro -COPO CLONE-RESTORED BIG BLOCK-SEE VIDEO | Mundelein, IL

Used 1969 Chevrolet Camaro -COPO CLONE-RESTORED BIG BLOCK-SEE VIDEO | Mundelein, IL


Fresh Find: Feb 1, 2018 - As good as it gets, as nice as they come... a great addition to anyone's collection.

Mint, Original, One Owner all the attributes that are so tough to find on any vehicle that was built some 30+ years ago, but to be able to tick all those boxes on one of BMW's finest makes this a thrill of a find.

1987 BMW M6 - automotive artistry of the highest order and blessed with a very happy Inline Six borrowed from the BMW's fabulous M1.

31k original, never damaged miles in the loving hand of one caretaker since new, this is a dry climate car that has been spared the damaging environmental elements that most others of this breed and era have been subjected too, and difference is readily apparent.

Not furious, but yet sufficiently fast but more importantly a combination of beauty, pose and performance that was virtually unmatchable back in 1987 and yet surprisingly the total package has remained current and luscious to most enthusiasts eyes.

Yes you can certainly find one cheaper, but it is very unlikely to approach the overall quality and more importantly the purity of this original find.

A true automotive treasure for the right buyer at $59,995. USD

Take a read of what Car & Driver's reviewers had to say back in 1987... Click Here



1987 Porsche 930 TURBO COUPE Carrera


Fresh Find: Feb 1, 2018 - Are you ready to light up your life?

Light your life on fire... this is not a car for the shy or the faint of heart as you can not go unnoticed at the wheel of this piece.

1987 Porsche 930 Turbo - restored at significant expense by a man of means, a fellow that had always wanted a 930 in his favorite Porsche colour Speed Yellow and as they were never produced in that colour he commissioned a full, down to metal, strip of this car's original Guards Red and a highly professional repaint to Speed Yellow.

But this deep pocketed gentleman did not simply stop there as he invested in a refresh of the interior as well as a intensive mechanic rebuild.

All of this work was completed in the last 2 years, but a pending divorce has since forced the sale of this car along with some of his other automotive treasures and the car is now in the hands of a well respected specialist dealer. Since taking possession of the car the dealer has had it reviewed by a local Porsche pro shop and it was given a very favorable mechanical review.

All and all one heck of a 930 - stunning and ready to be enjoyed with an aggressive ask of just $79,900. USD


1987 Porsche 930 TURBO COUPE Carrera


1987 Porsche 930 TURBO COUPE Carrera


Fresh Find: Feb 1, 2018 - A true sports car, and a bargain too!

The BMW M Roadsters have always been pretty impressive sports cars, fast, great looking, reliable and a joy to drive, but when packaged up at a price like this it is hard to deny that they are also a bargain in today's marketplace.

1998 BMW M Roadster - packing a 240hp, 3.2L Inline, Twin Cam 6 with a 5 Speed Manual and RWD. These are nicely balanced traditional sports cars with a decent power to weight ratio and a shorting chassis to match.

Just 78k original miles and very little of the normal wear and tear you'll find on most M Roadsters at this age.

True an impressive example in Estoril Blue on Matching Two Tone Leather with a Blue Soft Top. These fat fender'd roadsters look fabulous at speed or standing still and the sound emitted out the quad exhaust is a thing of beauty. Yes, although highly touted when new, they were not at the top of every reviewers list, but they weren't being offered for a mere $12,995. USD like this one is today.

Clean History car that lived most of it's life in the south.




Fresh Find: Jan. 31, 2018 - Have you long dreamed of building a Hot Rod 911 to your personal specs.. here is a great place to start!

Build from this base using the numbers matching original 2.7L or move on up to the engine of your choosing.

1975 Porsche 911S Coupe - Non Sunroof Car! show 46k miles but true mileage is in question.

This is a rust free, totally straight California delivered original that has just been extracted from a lengthy period of dry storage. The car is intact and mostly original in rarely found Peru Red - the interior was switched out at some point as it's factory build was Cinnamon Leather not the Black Leather seen here.

The car needs to be fully re-commissioned, but the engine turns by hand and again the body is straight and virtually rust free - oh a tough thing to find in a 75 Carrera.

Re-commission and enjoy as is, restore it to it's original factory specs or build that Hot Rod you have been dreaming of the choice is yours.

Offered at $29,900. USD




Fresh Find: Jan. 31, 2018 - No not another ho hum clone, instead this is the real thing... sure real doesn't come cheap in the Shelby world but to own a piece of Carroll Shelby's automotive art will always be something very special.

1966 Shelby GT 350
Factory Wimbledon White
Factory 4 Speed
One of 536 White GT 350s in 1966
Desirable 4 Speed with a 289 slightly modified
Cobra intake, valve covers, S2 carburetor, 9000 Tach
Straight body with minor flaws in the paint
Very strong running Shelby for the street or track
Original Shelby numbers and a long history with SAAC.

Price: $142,000

Need we say more!




Fresh Find: Jan. 31, 2018 - Another very special 911 priced sensibly for today's market! Known as M491/WTL/Turbo Look, Supersports depending upon the market they were delivered to.

The Porsche soured COA tells the tale - this is now aftermarket fat fender'd Carrera, this is the real thing.

Just over 1600 of these Turbo Look Cabs were built by Porsche from 1984 - 1989 with the majority (in the early years) going into the U.S. market in place of the 930 Turbo cars, which for the 84/85 model years were not officially delivered to U.S. Customers.

These cars are virtually a 930 Turbo car that is missing the Turbo Engine and the 4 speed transmission that came with it and in their place resided the tried and tested 3.2L Carrera Engine and 5 Speed 915 Transmission.

1985 Porsche Carrera M491 optioned Cabriolet with just 53k original miles and a dry climate car that remains it's factory originality. Optioned right with Sport Seats & Limited Slip Differential all in all a tough combination of options to find some 35 years after leaving the factory floor.

Lovely example with the just the right amount of patina.. I personally wouldn't change a thing on this car. The car comes out of the seller's Porsche focused shop with a fresh Major Service and in need of nothing.

This is a car that has appreciated in recent years and a model that we feel provides room for some future asset appreciation, but still a car that can be driven respectfully and fully enjoyed in the years to come.

Looks to be a purchase opportunity ripe for the picking at $64,500. USD




Fresh Find: Jan. 30, 2018 - Hurry as this will not last!

Factory 911 Carrera - U.S. Delivered example that has lived a good life out in the dry climate of the southwest U.S.A, a very important fact given that these Carreras did not come fully galvanized as the later 911s did and hence are quite susceptible to the Tin Worm.

1975 Porsche 911 Carrera - 2.7L with 5 Speed 915 Transmission.

Only 528 Carreras were produced by Porsche in 1975 for the North America market and this is # 138. Reportedly a two owner car that remains mostly original throughout with some paintwork, but a numbers matching drive train and showing just 40k miles on the odometer (likely more) before being placed in long term dry storage.

The car has just been re-commissioned, refreshed mechanically and now ready to be enjoyed.

Have a peek at the YouTube Video.... https://youtu.be/q6fAWUBvW5E

Hard to source a solid, very presentable true early Carrera 911 'Driver' for the $55,000. USD being asked.




Fresh Find: Jan. 30, 2018 - Okay folks I know I'm always touting Porsche cars but that is certainly not the only thing that excites me in the automotive world. My personal lust covers near anything with wheels and I am sure many of you are much like me even if the Porsche brand sits at the top of your pecking order.

Now being just 14 years of age when the first Mustang hit the streets I, like many of you old boys, still have a thing for these Pony Cars. That said this find does not quite tick all of the right boxes for me, but that doesn't mean it won't be just right for you and when you review the full package presented here at this price point I have to say I don't think you'll find an early resto mod Mustang, built like this for these dollars!

Offered by an authorized Ford Dealer:






Go ahead and show me better classic Mustang value than this at $25,900. USD




Fresh Find: Jan. 30, 2018 - If you are 356 lover but have yet had the opportunity to find the right car, priced fairly... run don't walk to the phone as finding good ones fairly offered like this is getting harder by the year.

Having owned and loved a 1959 356 Coupe way back in the day i can tell you that these are a pure pleasure to own and drive, far more sporting than you would imagine given their tiny four cylinder air cooled engines would suggest. And they were built like tanks, designed to last forever!

This 1964 Porsche 356 C comes to you out of the southwest and the dry climate has been good to this car. An older restoration that has held up beautifully and being offered by a small Porsche specialist shop that knows this model well.

They describe the car as ready to drive anywhere and it certainly looks the part.

Offered at $65,000. USD this is a treasure awaiting your discovery.